Saturday, March 31, 2007

FREE ticket to Tony Robbin's "Date With Destiny" event.

I have just received this offer this morning... a FREE ticket to Tony Robbin's "Date With Destiny" event.

The only snag is, you MUST go to Australia this April... oh the hardship huh...

Here is the info;

I was wondering if you may be able to help me. Could you please forward this message to your members? I am hoping that somebody will take advantage of the opportunity. Thank you for your support.

I have a spare ticket to Date with Destiny in the Gold Coast Australia on 20 April - someone has dropped out at the last minute. I would love for somebody to have the opportunity to go and as such am offering the ticket to anyone who can use it.

There is no specific asking price as if the ticket is not used the opportunity is lost. Just offer what you can afford/ think it is worth to you!! Really I just don't want to ticket to be wasted - I have been in touch with the Robbins Institute and they will not transfer it to any other event, so it really is use it or lose it.

If you are interested then please look at the website and email me at or call me on 07900938966. Any questions at all please just get in touch.

I thank you all for your time and look forward to hearing from you.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the wildly popular film and best-selling book, The Secret, by now.

The stars of the show have appeared everywhere from CNN to Oprah, Larry King to Show Biz Tonight and The New York Times.

But what nobody has shared yet is the REAL story.

So when I found out my friends at Healthy Wealthy nWise were providing an authorized, intimate portrait with creator and executive producer, Rhonda Byrne, I had to check it out. By the way, they’re calling it The Story Behind The Secret.

Rhonda is using this interview to share her side of the story about The Secret and the way it is gaining massive momentum on the way to bringing Joy to Billions. Just as she and her team intended it would back in 2004.

What you haven't heard in all the media frenzy is Rhonda Byrne's intimate REAL story behind The Secret that must be told.

In this heart-felt one-on-one interview, Marci Shimoff (co-author of the mega-best-seller Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul & star of The Secret) will ask Rhonda many of your burning questions that weren't asked in the mainstream media.

If you wanted to know ...
• the inside story behind the creation and unfolding of The Secret that the other guys glossed over...
• the unique never-before-revealed way she used the principles of The Secret herself to turn The Secret into a global phenomenon (6 million people in Ghana, Africa who would never have been able to experience this wisdom were able to watch the secret for FREE because of this principle...)
• about the surprising plans for The Secret II…
Then this interview is a must.

So here is the really great part, when I talked to my friends over at Healthy Wealthy nWise and they told me I could invite you to attend the LIVE Story Behind The Secret Interview as my guest – for no charge!

Your ticket is waiting for you at…

Now the publicity for this interview is massive so space is very limited. With millions of promotional emails going out and a massive publicity campaign rolling out the capacity for the call will be maxed out fast.

So to collect your ticket and secure your seat to the Live Story Behind The Secret interview go to

Log-in with your name and email address and follow the simple instructions.

To your greatest success,

Mike Berry

PS – This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be on the line LIVE with Rhonda Byrne, the Creator of the wildly popular film and best-selling book, The Secret. I’ve arranged for you to attend as my guest, and you can pick up your complimentary ticket at

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Firewalk in Colour - new age fad or cult?

Firewalk in Colour - new age fad or cult?

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Get our blog updates direct to your skype box

Get our blog updates direct to your skype box (you don't even need to check emails now)

If you don't have skype yet, download it now - it's free!

Call me!

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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Basket Brigade time - are YOU ready to STEP UP!!?

Basket Brigade time - are YOU ready to STEP UP!!?

For the last three years, we have fed families at christmas time, focusing on Edinburgh and Glasgow.

It's that time of year again... are YOU ready to STEP UP?

I have just received an offer of £250 (actually it's an active YES-London member and he is moving to Scotland, so he has offered £500 split between London & YES-Scotland).
So already we're on a roll...

Also our biggest single corporate contributor over the last three years has been Scottish Widows, organised by one person; and they have been FILLING boxes of food for us to distribute, at this (often-selfish) time of year when your generosity is VERY MUCH appreciated.

So CAN YOU HELP this year?

a) Financial contributions; you can donate here;

b) Personal & Corporate support (can you organise a collection of food, toys and goodies to be distributed?)

c) You can offer your time to help sort, pack and distribute the parcels (most likely to be Sunday 10th & 17th December)

d) You can help by finding names and addresses of needy families (maybe you have contact with the local Minister, Soup kitchen etc)

Thursday, November 02, 2006

YES-Scotland - Sunday 5th November

YES-Scotland meeting

Sunday, November 5th, 2006 at 2:30pm - 5:30pm

don't miss this Sunday...
This is JudyMay's second appearance at YES-Scotland

Last chance to snap up discounted seats! ... offer finishes Friday at midnight ...

Tickets still only £12 on the door,
and only £8 each if booked
online by Friday 5th October
(based on 2-for-1, so bring a friend).

Grab your seat now

Judy May MurphyLife Coach & Speaker
Since Judy May Murphy did her first UPW 6 years ago, her dreams have been coming true at a phenominal rate. In addition to all her training with Tony, Judy May has also studied extensively with John Gray, Richard Bandler, Beverly De Angeles, David Dieda, Wayne Dyer and scores of others. As well as being an expert in hypnosis, NLP, Cognitive Therapy, Enneagram and other success coaching disciplines, Judy May is a highly popular speaker, touring the world addressing rooms of hundreds and thousands of people. She has recently been added as a speaker to the much coverted Learning Annex Real Estate Wealth Expo, the one that Tony Robbins, Donald Trump and Suze Orman headline. Judy May is a regular featured expert in Cosmopolitan, GQ and on the BBC, NBC, ABC, WB, CBS and Time Warner television across the world. As an author her credentials are equally impressive. 'Your Life Only A Gazillion Times Better,' (foreword by Sharon Lechter co-author of Rich Dad Poor Dad), is published throughout the world in English and in translations. Her USA publisher is HCI, the Chicken Soup For The Soul publisher, and her agents are the Rich Dad Poor Dad people.

We're back in The Jurys Inn Hotel,
80 Jamaica Street, Glasgow, G1 4QG
visit our website for full details on speakers, venues, map etc

Nov 5th, 2006

2:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Jurys Inn Hotel
80 Jamaica Street
Glasgow, G1 4QG
United Kingdom


"The quality of your life is a direct
of the expectations
of your peer group"
- Anthony Robbins

Mike ;-)

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Friday, October 13, 2006

Marcus de-Maria confirmed for Sunday December 3rd

Marcus de-Maria confirmed for Sunday December 3rd in Quality (Caentral) Hotel, Glasgow - more info will be released later.

100 FREE tickets to the internet-inspiration experience

100 FREE tickets to the fastest respondants

For anyone interested in Making Money Online, you really couldn't ask for a better gift!

Not only do we have 6 of the World's Best Internet Supremos coming to Edinburgh for one-day, there's also now a chance to grab FREE tickets!

Dynamicmike, in his usual abundant way, has created an opportunity for YES-Scotland members to grab 50 of these tickets FREE

Click this link;

Friday, October 06, 2006

Best selling author JudyMay Murphy - 5th Nov06

Best selling author JudyMay Murphy

will be with us again on Sunday 5th November

JudyMay was an absolute hit last time she flew in to tell us how to write a book and get it published, with rave reviews.

I'm delighted to say she's back again especially for our benefit, so make sure you're there.

quick video announcements at Friday 6th Oct

video removed now as out of date. It can still be viewed at;

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Last chance to get two tickets for only £16 (by Friday midnight)

Eric Edmeades. Last chance to get two tickets for only £16 (by Friday midnight)

don't miss this guy!

Grab your seat now

Monday, September 25, 2006

entry slashed to only £6 each!

We promised Eric Edmeadesthat we would have a full house for his return to Bonnie Scotland.

To read all about the amazing guy, go to;

and just to confirm that it is now happening on Sunday 8th Oct, got here to read more;

You can book online at the cheapest price we've offered in over a year; two-for-one (only £12 for two seats) here;

Thursday, September 21, 2006

We will be changing to Sunday 8th October ONLY for this meeting

If you finally found that financial freedom that you've been promising yourself, what would you do with your time?

Eric Edmeades will be with us on Sunday 8th October
Jurys Inn, Jamaica St, Glasgow

Normally we host YES-Scotland mtgs on 1st Sunday of the month.

We will be changing to Sunday 8th October ONLY for this meeting.

The next Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within (UPW) event will be w/end of 1st Oct, so the next YES-Scotland meeting will be the very next weekend. This will also give us the opportunity to welcome new visitors to YES-Scotland who may be looking for a like-minded support network following their UPW and firewalking experience.

Eric Edmeades presented to us last year on the subject of "The Human Diet" (
and since then he has sold his business, become a self-made multi-millionaire and now travels the world.

Eric is flying in especially for the benefit of YES-Scotland attendees... put it in your diary now, you won't want to miss this!

PS. Eric is also one of the Main Platform speakers at the next InspireScotland06 experience. Buy your tickets now at;

Monday, August 28, 2006

Sunday 1st October 2006 - Eric Edmeades, entrepreneur, author and an exceptional professional speaker

Sunday 1st October 2006
Eric Edmeades

Eric Edmeades is a Canadian entrepreneur, author and an exceptional professional speaker. Eric delivers compelling speeches on a variety of topics including success/achievement, business development, sales/marketing, NLP, inspiration/motivation and health and nutrition. Eric’s gregarious nature and entertaining delivery make his speeches enjoyable as well as inspirational and transformational.

A millionaire in his early thirties, Eric was the founder of The ITR Group, a wireless integration company. He decided, at 35, to sell his company so that he could focus on his true passion: helping people, companies and governments achieve their maximum potential.

Eric is one of a unique breed of professional speakers: as well as being a truly excellent presenter, he also has real-world success and experience that makes his message not only inspirational, but congruent and credible.

In late 2006 Eric will be touring the UK and Ireland to promote both his January seminar, a once a year life-planning workshop (, and his series of 2007 Adventure Seminars in Africa.

Eric’s Talk: Perfect Day Planning

Better days make for a better life. Eric’s talk, Perfect Day Planning, is an enlightening, entertaining and motivating look at the realities of success: the little things.

“Success in life,” Eric explains, “is most easily measured by the number of days we are truly happy.”

Eric will take you on a fascinating journey starting with the many humorous ways to mess up perfectly good days, through to the realities of real life and then ending by making sure that each member of the audience has their very own Perfect Day Plan.

Sunday September 3rd Mel Harris "Flirt Your Way To Success"

Sunday September 3rd

"Flirt Your Way To Success"
Mel Harris of The Training Tree

Each day in your life you interact with other people from friends to loved ones, from strangers to business colleagues. Some of these relationships we take for granted and some of them we prepare for in trepidation and some of them with anticipation.

How amazing would it be if you interacted fully with those you take for granted and instead enriched your life and theirs? How amazing would it be if you didn't have to feel fear or anxiety for those meetings that you prepare for?

What if you knew that every time you met someone, you naturally engaged with them, leaving a lasting positive impression that left you and them feeling special?

Establishing rapport is the essence of how that happens. The art of flirting is all about making others feel good and to do that you have to feel good too. Flirting is not just about sex, it's about relationships full stop!

Mel Harris will introduce you to:

  • A definition of Flirting
  • The Flirting Tool Kit
  • Creating the right state of mind
  • Building Rapport & Communicating
  • Reading the signals
  • What to watch out for. . .

Mel's Background:
Mel is a long standing member of JCI in Edinburgh, and has trained to become a JCI National Certified Trainer for JCI Scotland. Whilst President of JCI Edinburgh from April 2004 to 2005, Mel helped to win "Best Chamber in Europe" and "Best Chamber in the World" continuing the success from 2003.

When asked how she managed to achieve this, Mel says "Its about dreaming big, walking your talk and being the best flirt in the world".

Mel's has spent 10 years marketing SMEs in a variety of industries and at an international level. Now with two of her JCI colleagues Mel has set up "The Training Tree" to empower individuals and business to achieve their ultimate potential by meeting their training and learning needs, acting as a onestop shop to business and a marketing and sales facility for Trainers and Coaches.

We're back in The Jurys Inn Hotel, 80 Jamaica Street, Glasgow, G1 4QG

visit our website for full details on speakers, venues, map

Date Sept 3rd, 2006
Time 2:00 pm - 5:30 pm
Location Jurys Inn Hotel,80 Jamaica Street,Glasgow, G1 4QGUnited Kingdom

Register here for discounted entry;

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Martin Boothe - Sun 2nd July

Back by popular demand, Martin will share two hours of his magic including his expertise in relationship counselling.

YES Scotland: "Martin Boothe is a Coach, Personal trainer, dance and movement teacher and Choreographer. His studies and qualifications are in NLP, coaching, dance and movement, counselling, health, fitness and sports psychology. This unique combination allows him to the understanding of the gifts of the human physiology and the psychology to life improvement."

Martin Boothe - Sun 2nd July

Back by popular demand, Martin will share two hours of his magic including his expertise in relationship counselling.

YES Scotland: "Martin Boothe is a Coach, Personal trainer, dance and movement teacher and Choreographer. His studies and qualifications are in NLP, coaching, dance and movement, counselling, health, fitness and sports psychology. This unique combination allows him to the understanding of the gifts of the human physiology and the psychology to life improvement."

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Monday, June 12, 2006

My links

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Well it seems we're all "busy" these days... is it just me, or are we all trying "to do" a massive amount of "things" at the same time?

YES-Scotland had two FANTASTIC speakers on Sunday 4th Jun, both of whom flew in from London especially to present - to SIX people!!! (two on crew and four paying guests)

Wow!! To say i'm embarrassed is an understatement!

Ok, I wasn't there either - I think i've missed four mtgs now since i started the YES-Scotland group just over three years ago (April 2003), but WoW, what IS going on?

I'm sure we all have various distractions. I sent out two email reminders and one SMS to over 800 previous attendees.

I know maybe i could have improved the email content.
Maybe I could've sent more reminders, including "what you missed at the last event"
Maybe people in Scotland are just not interested in Personal Development and learning anymore?
Maybe we should change venues to Edinburgh or Perth again
Maybe we should change to Wed eves (they're just about to revert to Wed eves at YES-London from the current Fri eves)
Maybe the entry price is too high? (the dilemma is we need reserves to cover room hire in case only a small amount of people turn up!)
Maybe we should have mtgs only once per quarter as they do in Ireland and Holland.

I would LOVE some feedback... as far as I'm aware, every person who attends always says that they rec'd fantastic value for money... and you know that it's always diff every month, and we've always had amazingly good spkrs.

Here's the deal... I have some FABULOUS spkrs lined up, and they are all prepared to travel to present to YES-Scotland, at their own expense, and therefore i would like to have the largest audience possible for them... so before i confirm their bookings, it would be useful to collate responses from those who have already attended a YES-Scotland meeting.

I'm assuming that even tho we are all "busy", one or two of you will find the time to reply with your thoughts...
here's a thought... if only one or two reply and they suggest we meet on a Thurs lunchtime, guess what is likely to happen...

I'm looking fwd to realising that there are people out there who care enuf to respond and i look fwd to yr feedback.


Mike ;-)
PS. Thanks to those who were at the last InspireScotland06 event, within 3weeks after that event, i had 105 bookings for the NEXT event! Considering they didn't know where or when or who would be speaking, that is an INCREDIBLE testimony - so THANK YOU! I can confirm that the next InspireScotland06 event will be in Edinburgh on Sunday 29th October and I am SO EXCITED at the speaker line-up!! Website is being updated now. Meanwhile keep your eye on
PPS. Pass it on

Thursday, June 01, 2006


Next mtg is Sunday 4th June 2006, 2.30pm-5.30pm

See; for full info